Outreach: Serving The Community

Service to the community, especially to the underserved -- aka "outreach" -- is a core value of All Saints.  Because we are a "downtown" church, rather than out in a more suburban neighborhood, we are a center where things can happen that require the community to come together to act to care for God's creation.  We are a place where communities gather, get organized, get healed, and thrive.  See the Community Service menu for more information about the activities of the church, and the activities of the community that gathers on our campus.

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Food Closet Founder Patsy McAfee
Outside the First All Saints Food Closet
Inside the First All Saints Food Closet
Donating in Church for the Food Closet
Donating at the Food Closet Door
Stocking the Food Closet Shelves
Food Closet Dedication to Patsy McAfee
Food Closet All Saints Hamilton Ave
Outreach at a Ministry Fair
Peninsula Interfaith Action (PIA) at All Saints
Opportunity Center Fund Raising
Opportunity Center
John Greco at Opportunity Center pre Opening
Norm Carrol with Alma White Mural
Opportunity Center Grand Opening
Opportunity Center Clothes Closet
Opportunity Center Opening Celebration
Hotel de Zink Welcome to Guests
Hotel de Zink Meal Prep
Hotel de Zink Meal
Hotel de Zink Mealtime
Hotel de Zink Guests at Forum
Hotel de Zink Fundraising
Hotel de Zink Guest Locker
Hotel de Zink Apples
Downtown Streets Team Yellow Shirts
Downtown Streets Team Mentoring Meeting
Downtown Streets Team Christmas Party
Downtown Streets Team Evan The Organizer
Downtown Streets Team Gift Cards #1
Downtown Streets Team Gift Cards #2
Topaz Outreach-Benefit Concerts
Breaking Bread #1
Breaking Bread #2
Breaking Bread #3
Breaking Bread #4
Breaking Bread #5
Breaking Bread #6
Breaking Bread #7
Global Outreach to Haiti via St. Dunstans
InnVision Partnership with All Saints
InnVision Awards to All Saints
Outreach Team's InnVision Awards
Thanksgiving Meal Food Prep
Thanksgiving Meal Food Service 1
Thanksgiving Meal Food Service 2
Thanksgiving Meal Food Service 3
Thanksgiving Meal Food Service 4
DST Christmas Party 2010, 1
DST Christmas Party 2010, 2
DST Christmas Party: Evan's Award
DST Christmas Party 2010, 3
Christmas Eve Breaking Bread
Christmas Eve Breaking Bread 2
Christmas Eve Breaking Bread 3