History: The First 100 Years: 1892-1993

Today's All Saints building wasn't the first building at the corner of Waverley and Hamilton, nor was the first building at Waverley and Hamilton the first site of All Saints.  Here are some of our historical views of the church. 

If you would like to read about All Saints' 100+ years of history in two pages, take a look at "All Saints Then and Now" from our Parish Profile.

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Lario Hall, Site of First Services
Key Dates for the Parish
Rectors and Clergy in Charge
Fr. Peet, First Priest-in-Charge
Leaflet 1898 p 1
Leaflet 1898 p 2
Leaflet 1898 p 3
Leaflet 1898 p 4
Death of Fr. Peet
Rectors and Leaders #1
Rectors and Leaders #2
First History Timeline
First Womens History
Church Wedding
Church at Easter
Rector Oscar Green
Old Parish Hall Interior
Church Exterior #1
Church Exterior #2
Parish Hall
Church Interior
Views of Church
Sunday School
Youth Choir
Church Entrance Doors
Early Church Street View
Old Church, 1965
Old Church Before Demolition
Rector Richard Byfield
Church Bulletin 1964, Cover
Church Bulletin 1964, p 2
Church Bulletin 1964, p 3
Church Bulletin 1964 p 4
Dorothy Beckett, First Woman Sr. Warden, 1974
The New Church
Service in the New Church
Food Closet from the Outside
Food Closet from the Inside
Rector Jim McLeod
Vestry on Retreat
Church Directory 1971
Youth with Time Capsule
The Rev Jim McLeod, Conductor
Patsy McAfee, Food Closet Founder
The Rev Canon Jim McLeod
Campus Buildings
Parish Hall Celebration