History: 1994-2004

Today's All Saints building wasn't the first building at the corner of Waverley and Hamilton, nor was the first building at Waverley and Hamilton the first site of All Saints.  Here are some of our historical views of the people and activities of the church that emerged from the First 100 Years

If you would like to read about All Saints' 100+ years of history in two pages, take a look at "All Saints Then and Now" from our Parish Profile.

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Rector Margaret Irwin
Cranes take Flight in the Sanctuary
Asst Rector The Rev Clayton Crawley
The Rev Margaret Irwin
Church School Graduation 2002
Blessing of the Animals 2002
All Saints Seminarians
"Hat Sunday"
Waverley Window 2002
Art Show in Parish Hall
Epiphany Pageant
Epiphany 2003
Ministry Fair 2002
Pew Players 2003
Vestry 2003
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
Youth Group Bowling Night
Asst Rector The Rev Rod McAulay
Music Director Al Campbell
Choir Rehearsal
Choir 2003
Easter Egg Hunt
Round Church: View from the Organ
Orgn Overhaul
Organ Overhaul: The Pipes
"Scabby Knoll" before Meditation Garden
Meditation Garden
Meditation Garden Dedication 2003
Meditation Garden from Waverley Street
The Round Church Shapes Us
All Saints Logo Swag
Baptism at the "Trough"
Filling the 110th Anniversary Time Capsule
Sealing the 110th Anniversary Time Capsule
Replacing the Time Capsule
Dedication of the Roundell
Core Challenge
Rite 13
Indoor Labyrinth
Labyrinth First Coat of Paint
Labyrinth Layout
Labyrinth Completed
Labyrinth in Courtyard
Labyrinth for Playa
Patio Eucharist
Labyrinth Dedication, #1
Labyrinth Dedication, #2
Celebrating the Eucharist 2003
Book Sale, Lemonade Stand, Art Festival
Blessing of the Animals 2003
Waverley Window Display
Funding the Opportunity Center
Opportunity Center Opens
Bishop Visits for Ordination
Women Clergy from All Saints