Hospitality & Festivals

Hospitality arranges for coffee and snacks after each of the Sunday services – for which volunteers are always welcome! Contact Marianne Witscher to help with Hospitality any Sunday.  For hospitality-hosting "instructions" -- suggested foods and setup information -- please see the helpful instructions written by Susan Barkan, below.

The Festivals team plans the major events throughout the year: Epiphany celebration, Holy Week meals and vigils; Easter Brunch, Mothers and Fathers Day, the summer picnic worship, Welcome Back celebration in September, and many feasts during Advent and Christmas time.   Whether you want to be part of the steering group or just lend a hand for a particular event, please contact: Jodi Scherer


Hospitality-hosting Instructions, Suggestions, Guidelines

by Susan Barkan



Guidelines for All Saints’ Hospitality


 •Plan for approximately 70 hungry people. A mix of sweet and savory is always welcome. There are no rules; below is a list of what has been brought in the past, but feel free to provide what you like.
•Put out paper plates, napkins, and plastic cutlery. If you want to use the church’s tablecloth, be sure to wash it at home and return it. But you don’t really need to use one.
 •You can make or buy cookies, cake, cupcakes or donuts
• Crackers and cheese are always welcome. About 2 pkgs of hard cheese and one of soft spreadable.( If you buy pre-cut slices of cheese, separate them with a spatula, as they tend to stick together).  Two pks of crackers or a sliced baguette. If you’re ambitious, you can make little triangle sandwiches. Some people bring frozen quiches and heat them in the church oven.   Deviled eggs are a favorite
•People enjoy fresh fruit—whatever is in season and reasonably priced. If large, it should be cut up—if you put out a bowl of apples or tangerines, they will be ignored.
•Veggies—baby carrots, celery, snow peas, etc. with hummus and/or dip
•In summer, you might want to provide lemonade, iced tea or other cool drink.
•It’s nice to bring a pint of Half and Half or milk for those who  don’t like those little plastic tubs of white liquid.
•If you have plastic wrap over your food, remove it. If you leave it on, no one will touch the food under it. I have no idea why.
•Plan to arrive about one-half hour before the service to put your food on platters, which are stored in the back of the kitchen opposite the dishwasher.  Put out little bowls for things like strawberry tops, and provide serving forks and knives for  cake, cheese, etc.
Please wash the platters and serving utensils and put them away.
Renee and Debi will set out the coffee and tea equipment; they will also wash the pots.