Sunday Forum

Forums are scheduled every Sunday  (Sep-May) at 9:15am and 11:30am -- after the 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. services.  There is always lively conversation and plenty of time to share questions and experience.  Recent topics have included a two-week miniseries on resurrection in scripture; a multi-week series providing an overview of the Episcopal / Anglican account of Christianity; a session on Compassionate Communication; and a meditation on the meaning of Incarnation. 

The upcoming topics are scheduled quarterly.  For the most accurate list, you can check the scheduled topics by looking at the online calendar for the current month, or for a longer-range view look at the right-hand sidebar on this page.

The schecule for Winter 2012 is below:


Sunday Forums (after each service)

January 8
January 15

Discerning the Will of God:
A Guide to Christian Decision Making
When we are prepared to move from asking ‘what do I’ to ‘what does God want?’ there are useful tools in the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius to help illuminate, heal and challenge the searching soul.

The Rector
January 22
January 29

Jesus and the Eyewitnesses
Exploring Gospel origins with Richard Bauckham
Where did the Gospels come from? Fro the past century, debate has swirled around theories of who, or what, produced Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Most recently, scholar Richard Bauckham wrote an exploration of Gospel origins in which he examines evidence that the Gospels are strongly rooted in eyewitness testimony. These sessions will explore Bauckham’s thinking, in the context of other theories with which he juxtaposes his. Reading the book is not a prerequisite.

Vicky Greenbaum
February 5

Episcopal Wayfinding Series
The Body in Liturgical Prayer
Although prayer is often understood as a still and cerebral exercise, there is a rich tradition of physical expressions of prayer that even find their way into our liturgy.

The Rector
February 12

Rebuilding Haiti, Brick by Brick
One of the great cultural casualties of the Haiti disaster was the Episcopal Cathedral, housing priceless frescos and the country’s only pipe organ. As a religious building, it is not entitled to assistance from most charities. This sessions describes the national church’s effort to rebuild.

Chris Gandel
February 19

Episcopal Wayfinding Series
Lent and Penitential Practices
There is a long history of Christian ascetical practices: evangelical, eccentric, and exotic. We will look at a cross section.

The Rector
February 26
March 4, 11, 18

Lenten Series

March 25

Episcopal Wayfinding Series
The Rites of Holy Week
Holy Week is the most rich and complex of liturgical times: we will look at the principal ceremonies, their history and significance.

The Rector
April 1

Palm Sunday
(no forum)

April 8

Easter Day
(no forum)

April 15

Episcopal Wayfinding Series
Raiment of Glory:  Vesture in Anglican Tradition
Vestments have a long and sometimes controversial history, as well as a significance that is entirely contemporary – in this class we will look at a range of examples and images.

The Rector
April 22

(not yet scheduled)

April 29
May 6

Episcopal Wayfinding Series
Prayer: Background & Practice

Ray Woo


 The schedule for Fall 2011 is shown below:


Sunday Forum Fall 2011 Schedule
October 30

An Introduction to the Old Testament – Ray Woo
With attention to the historical and cultural context, the forum will provide a brief overview of the major themes of the 4 main parts of the Old Testament: The Pentateuch (the Torah), The Historical Books, the Books of the Prophets, and the Wisdom Books. It will propose some useful ways to read and pray with the Old Testament.
Handout is available online.

After both services
November 6

Episcopal Wayfinding – Reading a Church
The Rector will highlight some of the theological, symbolic and historical features present – and absent from – our church.

After both services
November 13

Stanford Students’ Night Outreach Project
With the consent of the Vestry, a group of Stanford students will run a pilot shelter program out of All Saints’ in the new year. A number of these very impressive young people will explain their process and goals.

After both services
November 20

Episcopal Wayfinding – Let’s Get Physical!
Although sometimes referred to as ‘the frozen chosen’, Episcopalians have a surprising range of ways in which to physically participate in the liturgy.
The Rector will point out a few.

After both services
November 27

Advent Book Study: The Prophetic Imagination
Fr. Terry will introduce the first session on Walter Brueggemann’s study of the sustained tension throughout the Old Testament between radical freedom and institutional inertia.

After both services
December 4

Advent Book Study: The Prophetic Imagination
Presentation and discussion

After both services
December 11

Advent Book Study: The Prophetic Imagination
Presentation and discussion

After both services
December 18

Advent Book Study: The Prophetic Imagination
Presentation and discussion

After both services

Previous schedules for Fall 2010 are available also if you would like a sample from other seasons: