Evening Bible Study

The Bible Study group meets monthly on Wednesdays at 7:30pm at All Saints'.   Please contact the group leader, Phillip Palmer at pmpalmer@sbcglobal.net, for the current readings and meeting schedule.

The group's current focus is the Hebrew Scriptures (aka "Old Testament").  All are welcome to join at any time. Participants are encouraged to share in the leadership of the discussions.


In October 2007 a group of about a dozen parishioners began a journey of faith, to read the entire New Testament. Unlike Bible studies that engage in intensive reading, perhaps spending several months on one book, the approach for this Bible study was to read the New Testament extensively so that the members could get an overview and could compare how the various books present the Gospel. The group met once a month and typically discussed an entire book in one sitting, guided by questions distributed in advance by the discussion leader. In June 2009 this group completed reading the entire New Testament. Although the group had started with the intention of reading only the New Testament, they liked the approach so much that they embarked upon a reading of the Hebrew Scriptures in July 2009, with no break at all. As of October 2011 they have completed reading the Torah, the Former Prophets, and the Latter Prophets. In November 2011 they will begin reading the Writings, the last division of the Hebrew Scriptures, which includes such books as Ecclesiastes, Job, Proverbs,and Psalms.  Once the group completes its reading of the Hebrew Scriptures in late 2012, they may return to the New Testament. They anticipate that their next reading of the New Testament will be much enriched by their study of the Hebrew Scriptures.