Mens Group

The Mens Breakfast Group meets the second Thursday morning each  month from 7-8:30  in the Parish Hall. A member is designated as  spiritual leader each week and presents a program of his choosing. Two members volunteer to cook.   

All Saints’ Mens Group is an open forum where men can talk with other men about common issues of living as Christians in the multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-faith community that is Palo Alto. Together, we also prepare the parish Christmas dinner and Easter meal.    Contact: Ken Van Bree or John Tinsley

The Men’s Group is a unique combination of fellowship and deep spiritual support. Not only do they cook breakfast for each other, the men share spirituality, and support each other in personal difficulties and triumphs alike, to witness to each others lives. The men  provide an example to the rest of the parish of how spiritual growth, friendship, and ministering to each other’s needs can be deeply intertwined.