All Saints' Episcopal Church is in downtown Palo Alto, California at the intersection of Hamilton and Waverley streets, one block south of University Avenue.  The complete address is

555 Waverley Street
Palo Alto, CA  94301
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For most functions in the church, you enter on Waverley Street; the church entrance is to the right as you enter the breezeway that connects our office building (on the left) with the round church on the right. 

If you are familiar with downtown Palo Alto, we are across the street from the Prolific Oven and Palo Alto Toy World and diagonally across from the Post Office.  You might have noticed the round concrete structure and wondered if it is a church (the steeple gives it away).  It is, indeed, a church. 

 If you are unfamiliar with Palo Alto, and are coming by on a Sunday, you should know that while All Saints' doesn't have its own parking lot, you will find parking everywhere on a Sunday morning, and you won't be ticketed for parking in the lots to the left, behind, and across the street from the church.

 We'll look forward to seeing you!

Campus detail maps are below, and also downloable