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All Saints publishes two newsletters regularly, which keep members and visitors informed about what is going on. 

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  • Calling All Saints is a periodic longer news publication, distributed by email and by postal mail, with longer pieces that cover recent milestones and events, and more detail on the major upcoming events of the season. 8-16 pages. Back issues are online in the Document Archive

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                                                            GRACE NOTES


                             March 16, 2017                                                                                 Volume    X.3.3

Putting Christ’s Love into Positive Action


                              Worship –Spiritual Life & Intimacy with God – Outreach – Partnership in Ministry –

                                                                                                            Inclusion & Friendship  






On Sunday afternoon, March 19th, from 4pm -6.30pm, an important inter-faith, inter-community event, Hands Around the Mosque, will be held in at the Muslim Community Association, 3003 Scott Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA 95054. The event is intended to be a show of solidarity by people of all faiths coming together to support their Muslim sisters and brothers. More information is available at



You may have noted that in his order blocking the latest immigration ban, Judge Watson of Hawai’i wrote that a reasonable, objective observer would view the new order as “issued with a purpose to disfavor a particular religion, in spite of its stated, religiously neutral purpose.” This line of judicial reasoning is encouraging as we await the issuing of the proposed Executive Order on Religious Freedom. Our argument against the draft EO is precisely that it would disfavor particular religious traditions while endorsing the beliefs, teachings and practices of others.



A reminder that a meeting regarding the future of the Outreach Committee will take place on Palm Sunday, April 9 @ 11.45am. Everyone interested in any aspect of our parish’s local and international mission is encouraged to attend. We have some great news and important decisions to be made.





Salisbury Cathedral Choir

Friday, March 17, 2017, 7:30 pm

Stanford Memorial Church

The renowned Salisbury Cathedral Choir has maintained a tradition of church music in Salisbury Cathedral since its consecration in 1258.


Just over twenty-five years ago, Salisbury was the first British cathedral to admit girls into their traditional men and boys choir. We look forward to welcoming the men, girls and boys of Salisbury Cathedral choir for this concert in Stanford Memorial Church, when their repertoire will include Allegri’s Miserere (a stunning piece, composed for the Sistine chapel) and some of Bach’s most magnificent choral works.


For tickets visit:

General Admission $23 | Senior (65+) $12 | Non-Stanford Student $12



LECTORS:  LESSONS for Sunday, March 19, 2017


8:00 AM       First Reading:                 Exodus 17:1-7                                                                                      

10:00 AM     First Reading:                 Exodus 17:1-7

                     Second Reading             Romans 5:1-11 

VOICES OF MUSIC – Friday, March 17

The early-music group returns to All Saints’ on Friday, March 17, at 8 p.m., with Pergolesi’s masterpiece, “Stabat Mater.” For more information and advance tickets, go to


Sunday we hear the first of three extended Gospels from John. In this first one, Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well. Water and baptismal imagery inspired Sunday’s anthem choice: Palestrina’s sublime motet “Sicut cervus” based on verses from Psalm 24 -- “As the deer longs for the water-brooks, so longs my soul for you, O God.”

A bit wider leap took me to the choice of prelude: Claude Debussy’s “Ondine” from his consummate Preludes for piano. Ondine is a water-nymph in mythology. “Onde” in French means “wave,” and watery creatures abound in literature: sirens in ancient Greece and Rhine maidens in Germany, and of course mermaids. Debussy’s music is a classic of impressionism. The music paints water in both cascading runs and tremulous figures. As chaotic as this music can sound, several recurring motives unite the piece. Near the end two competing keys overlap in whispy arpeggios, until the water calms at a serene final chord.

The organ postlude, played on our meantone Flentrop, is by Thomas Tallis (composer of the beautiful Third Mode Melody sung at communion): two settings of a Sarum-rite hymn for Lent, Ecce tempus idoneum (“Behold, now is the acceptable time”). Especially in the second setting, a very characteristic clash occurs numerous times: G-sharp at the same time as G-natural, sometimes an octave apart, sometimes a half-step apart. This crushing sound at first sounds like a terrible mistake but after several iterations, it takes on a unique color and charm. Meantone tuning makes a big difference: G-sharp is significantly lower in meantone than in equal temperament, so when G-sharp and G-natural are an octave apart they sound rather “bluesy”, but when they are just a half-step apart, they sound agonized.

Rodney Gehrke


This Sunday's forum will be held after both services in the fireside room.

We will meditate on artwork and texts regarding the 3rd Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning of Thorns and the sufferings inflicted through shaming, mockery, and verbal abuse. These are hard subjects to experience, to remember, and to witness. Our communal meditations seek courage, strength, and hope to understand our role in the face of all sufferings in our midst. And to understand that Christ is always there.

Blessings, Marguerite Fletcher


This year we set a goal to raise $825,000 to help ensure that we can continue our presence and ministry in this city over the next 5 years. Thank you so much to the church members who have sent in their pledges for their generosity and confidence in All Saints' future. Thank you especially to early contributors Mary Ann Hayward,

Allyn and Alex Stott, and the pledgers found in Calling All Saints. Thank you to new pledgers: Katy and Philip Miller, Marianne Witscher, Phyllis Annett, Ken & Gloria van Bree, Rev. Jim and Frankie McLeod and Greg & Nancy Wilson. We have currently raised $666,575.00.

It does not matter what amount you pledge to this campaign: $100 - $100,000, the money will be put to good use for projects like solar roofing, landscaping, a columbarium in the memorial garden, kitchen updates, refinishing of the floors in the church, increasing the endowment, and putting away some reserves for future, unexpected, capital expenses. 

We are hoping to have all the pledges in by March 31st. Your pledge, which can be spread over 3 years, is critical to the upkeep of the church infrastructure, some of which needs to be done immediately. If you do not have a pledge card, please just email Susan at and let her know your pledge. If you have questions, please feel free to talk with either of the committee members or with Terry. 

Barbara Coll ( and Heather Hadlock (

125th Anniversary Campaign Committee


A new parish directory will be published in early April.  If you wish to update any of your listing information or to opt-out of inclusion in the directory, please email Susan Reaves at or call (650) 322-4528 ext. 303.


Do you sometimes have free time during the week to help out with easy tasks in the Parish Office?

Every so often we could use some extra hands – prepping Calling All Saints’ mailings or letters from Fr. Terry.

Or we might need help with organizing and purging of records. Most times we could use help for just an hour

or two.

If you would like to add your name to the list of folks that we call on to help with these “once in a while” jobs, please email Susan Reaves  at and let her know your availability.   Thank you! 


Service and sermon recordings are now available on Youtube:

Many thanks to Allyn Stott for making this possible!



16 Thursday

8:10 AM Continuing the Conversation: YR

10:00 AM Art Workshop:  CF


17 Friday– Parish Office Closed

8:00 PM Voices of Music: CH


18 Saturday

9:30 AM Altar Guild: CH


19 Sunday

8:00 AM Holy Eucharist: CH

10:00 AM Godly Play Sunday School: Room 21

10:00 AM Holy Eucharist: CH

4:00 PM Violin and Piano Concert: CH


20 Monday

21 Tuesday

7:00 PM  Vestry Meeting: CF


22 Wednesday

7:30 AM Men’s Group Meeting: LB


23 Thursday

8:10 AM Continuing the Conversation: YR

10:00 AM Art Workshop:  CF


24 Friday– Parish Office Closed


25 Saturday

9:30 AM Altar Guild: CH

2:00 PM Voices in Harmony: CH

7:00 PM Voices in Harmony: CH


26 Sunday

8:00 AM Holy Eucharist: CH

10:00 AM Godly Play Sunday School: Room 21

10:00 AM Holy Eucharist: CH

4:00 PM  New Esterhazy Concert:: CH


27 Monday

28 Tuesday


29 Wednesday


30 Thursday

8:10 AM Continuing the Conversation: YR

10:00 AM Art Workshop:  CF


31 Friday– Parish Office Closed

8:00 PM Voices of Music: CH




1 Saturday

9:30 AM Altar Guild: CH


2 Sunday

8:00 AM Holy Eucharist: CH

10:00 AM Godly Play Sunday School: Room 21

10:00 AM Holy Eucharist: CH


Weekly Activities

Mon. 7:00p Women’s AA – Rm. 28 

Wed. - 7:30p Women’s AA, FR

Thur. - 8:00p Narc. Anon., PH

11:30a Breaking Bread Meal, PH:

Fri. - 11:30a Breaking Bread Meal, PH:

Sat. - 8:00a Yoga, PH;

7:00p Young Peoples’ AA: MP



CF Conference Rm, CPL Chapel, CH Church, FR Fireplace Rm, LBLibrary,  MP Multi-Purpose Rm., PH Parish Hall.