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All Saints publishes two newsletters regularly, which keep members and visitors informed about what is going on. 

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                                                            GRACE NOTES


                             June 29, 2017                                                                                 Volume    X.6.4

Putting Christ’s Love into Positive Action


                              Worship –Spiritual Life & Intimacy with God – Outreach – Partnership in Ministry –

                                                                                                            Inclusion & Friendship  


LECTORS:  LESSONS for July 2, 2017
First Reading:          Jeremiah 28:5-19
Second Reading:      Romans 6:12-23
Please note that the Parish Office will be closed Monday and Tuesday, July 3rd and 4th.
Compassion Cultivation Training at All Saints’ Church
with Certified Stanford Instructor: Robert Cusick
Thursdays  * July 06 – August 24, 2017.
YOU can train your mind to intentionally choose compassionate thoughts and actions and develop skills that help you relate to others (and to yourself) with genuine kindness and care. CCT (Compassion Cultivation Training) combines traditional contemplative practices with contemporary psychology and scientific research to help you lead a more compassionate life. CCT is an 8-week educational program designed at Stanford, by a team of contemplative scholars and neuroscientists, to enhance resilience and the feeling of connection to others – ultimately providing an overall sense of well-being. Through instruction, in-class interaction and short daily mindfulness and compassion meditation practices, you’ll learn how to strengthen the qualities of compassion, empathy, and kindness for others and also learn how to include yourself.
ROBERT CUSICK trained at Stanford University School of Medicine in the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE). He is a Certified Stanford CCT™ (Compassion Cultivation Training) Instructor and teaches at Stanford University, UCSF, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center and in multiple other venues. He provides grief and bereavement support for adults and children at Kara in Palo Alto, where he co-leads men’s grief groups and facilitates retreats for fathers grieving the death of a child. He serves at Kara as an Educational Consultant and directs, teaches and co-facilitates trainings for Kara’s Caregivers Forum and Adult Services Program.

We are throwing an Open House for the community during the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts on August 26th and 27th. This is a great opportunity to welcome people into our parish. Along with the fabulous book sale and the tasty lemonade stand, there will be architecture/history tours, a bake sale, concerts each afternoon and an Art Exhibit. Of course there will be more details to come and lots of roles for All Saints’ parishioners to play. 

Call for Artists: during the Open House we will display paintings, sculpture, photographs, whatever you consider art, by All Saints’ members. If you would like to participate in this exhibition please let Barbara Coll know ( or 415-203-7112. Let’s show off our creativity. 
Cristosal Update
Hello, friends! Greetings from Maine, where a little down time is giving me a chance to put together a very belated Cristosal update. 
First, thank you to everyone who turned out for our early May session with Executive Director Noah Bullock. We had a very lively discussion that cut to the core of questions and tensions between Cristosal's rights-based approach and more traditional modes of charity with which we may be more familiar. I'm hoping to work in the coming months with Beth Wigen on some readings on these questions to undertake in a study group in the fall. 
I also wanted to let you know of a summer Advocate Training program that Cristosal is launching this weekend. It is a first foray into volunteer training for us, and given your various expertise and experience, I would be most grateful if some of you have some time to look at it and give us feedback. (Follow the link above for more information and to register.) You need not sign up formally at the end of it to become an "Advocate" (though we'd be honored if you did); just running through the program would be a great way to become more conversant with Cristosal's mission and model. The summer course will also include three video conference calls with Noah Bullock--so it will provide an easy way to keep in touch with Noah and up to date on Cristosal's work and issues in the region. 
Our Diocesan Partnership Commission is contemplating going on one of Cristosal's Global School trips in 2018. If you think you might like to join us, could you please fill out the Doodle here so we can narrow down some dates? We haven't zeroed in on our theme yet, but we would most likely focus on faith- and rights-based approaches to helping to heal the world. Our goal would be to come away with new models and insights to take back to the missional work that we do at home or beyond. We would also aim to learn about the current crisis of violence in Central America that has led so many people from the region to seek refuge in the United States, including California. The cost would be ~$970 (which includes all meals, accommodations, transportation, and some scholarship support for Salvadoran attendees) + air fare.
If you would like to delve into some of the issues Cristosal is working on, since visiting us Noah has been very busy responding to the press--following publication of reports he helped to author and answering inquiries about the impact of changing US immigration policy in the Northern Triangle. Here are a few links to stories and reports that may be of interest, including a recent letter Cristosal and many other Latin American NGOs signed to Sec'y of State Tillerson:
Thanks again on behalf of Cristosal for your prayers and contributions. Our support is really critical, especially at this current moment, as US immigration policy changes put more pressure on folks in the Northern Triangle, and this summer as Cristosal attorney David Morales takes the lead in the historic El Mozote Massacre trial. 
--Kathy Veit

•	August 5-6: All Saints’ Choir Reunion
Our reunion choir sings on Sunday morning, with special hospitality to honor All Saints’ musicians

•	August 26-27: All Saints Open House during PA Art and Wine Festival
In addition to the annual lemonade stand and 	book sale, we’ll open up the campus during the street fair; stay tuned for info about an All Saints’ Art Show, special music, and much more!

•	Sunday, October 29 :	All Saints’  125th Anniversary Celebration and Evensong
Bishop Mary joins us for Evensong at 4pm, followed by a festive reception.

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